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Abbot house heritage centre.

Abbot House is fully licensed, disabled accessible on the ground floor, and is dog-friendly. Abbot House is proud to have won silver awards in the Fife and Scottish National Business Diversity Awards 2013, and is an equal-opportunity employer. Admission to Abbot House, Abbot House Garden Café, and Abbot Brew House is free, but we welcome donations to help support the preservation of this wonderful building and community heritage hub.

About Abbot House

Abbot House was probably constructed in the mid-15th century on a site which had seen activity from as early as 1100, including ironworks, residential space, and a temporary extension of the adjoining abbey cemetery. 

The Perfect Surrounding

Set within the barrel-vaulted workshops and kitchens of the medieval building, Abbot House Garden Cafe specialises in casual Scottish food, with an emphasis on home-baking and a dedication to sourcing the freshest local ingredients. We are proud to support suppliers from across Fife.

Brew House

Our cafe has one of the best brew houses in the whole town. So if you are here, do not forget to check out on our brew house. We know your choices are unique and that is why our services are unique as well.

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Scotland Bus Tours

When people think of Scotland, I doubt “bus excursion” comes shouting to the top of your checklist. Remarkably the excursions were great, and also I look back pleased regarding both trips. I had been on Philadelphia bus tours before but Scotland was amazing. I don’t usually fancy long guided trips however, the bus tour in Scotland was great. They are very handy though if you wish to see as much of the countryside and the renowned Scottish Highlands as possible.

Excursions begin mainly from Edinburgh or Glasgow. The bus trip starts near Edinburgh castle at the last shop. That shop is the kilt shop, factory, and museum on Scottish kilts. We have taken a one day bus tour along with a three-day bus trip from Edinburgh.

The one-day scenic tour was a drive that went west to Glasgow and after that up north right into highlands. We invested a considerable amount of time at the castle on Loch Ness called castle Urquhart. We then traveled through Stirling on the way back to Edinburgh. I did enjoy this trip since we visited Loch Ness and several other areas Scotland is known for.

The 3-day excursion that we took was from Edinburgh and went to the Isle of Skye for two nights. The very first and third day are mainly driving to and from your destination with some nice stops. There is nothing but attractive countryside for almost the whole drive in both directions. We stopped to get off the bus or to see the landscape when possible.

The 2nd day we invested our time going around the Isle of Skye. We ventured to a two thousand ear old Broch and also to the Dunvegan castle, which is the home of the Macleod clan. Among the neatest components of the Dunvegan castle area, besides exactly how incredible the whole location was, was a seal tour you could handle these “lengthy boats?” Everybody on our team loved this section of Scotland.

Honestly we could have invested weeks just walking around as well as seeing things. If you are on a time constraint, then I would highly recommend a bus tour as a great alternative to see numerous attractive locations in Scotland.

Don’t forget to talk with the other visitors on board. You will discover a wide range of understanding and different people that will make the entire experience loads better.

A pair is risking it all to travel the world and have the adventure of their lives. Traveling, life, food, photography, as well as much fun as you can imagine.

Traditional Scottish Food

Traditional Scottish Food

Scotland is a great place, and you get to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It is also quite famous for its cooking traditions and has many recipes; there are a few recipes from Scotland which are also popular in other European cuisines, but there are some which are specific to Scotland. Some of the products that are primarily involved in their cooking are dairy products, fruits, fishes and vegetables.

Traditional Scottish Food

The following are some of the traditional Scottish Food:


Porridge was a dish which was made in Scotland centuries ago, and it was traditionally made in batches, and it was stored in drawers and was eating during the day. It was a simple dish which was made from oats. The Scottish people added salt to the oatmeal and ate it.


Haggis is a famous Scottish dish, and you must never miss out to taste it if you happen to go to Scotland. The dish has a unique flavour, and it is made out of sheep’s internal organs. It may sound a little weird, but it is a popular dish in the country. Haggis is mixed with beef fat and toasted oatmeals and is boiled for hours and is served with turnips.

Scotch Whiskey:

Scotch whisky is often known as Scotch and Scotland has perfected the art of making this fine drink. There are many distillery tours in the country, and you can taste some of the finest whiskey in the world.

Scottish Beers:

Scottish Beers are made out of barley and hops. They use yeast to ferment the mixture, and this is the reason why beer over there has a yeasty taste. Some of the Scottish beers are Orkney Skullsplitter, Arran Blonde, Red McGregor etc.


Tunnocks are very famous in the country, and they are made in almost every single bakery in the country. Tunnocks are tea cakes. They have a biscuit base and marshmallows and chocolate on top of that.


As the country had a lot of flocks, the cheese was widely produced. The caboc is one of the oldest cheeses in the country, and it is said to be very smooth and long. The Arran Cheddar has a sweet and buttery taste and is made in the Isle of Arran. Crowdie is made out of soured milk, and it is seasoned with pepper and salt.

Scotch Pies:

Scotch pies are mostly made out of minced meat, and they are cooked without a tin. There are also other fillings in the pie, but it is mainly filled with meat.

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